Lookin Fer Trouble?

Well, we are. We ain’t got 106 outlaws ridin’ with us, but if you wanna hitch yerself up with our gang of outlaws, we’ll have two. And that my friend is a hell of a start.

We are looking for vicious gif makers and some rough and tumble audio folk. We are looking fer anyone who can stand tall in the face of danger and other stuff and react with art. We will ride the western range far and wide creatin a wide swath of chaos and shenanigans.

We only got one beastly rule: Make Art Pardner, Make Art!

If you are interested in hitchin up here and doing some rabble rousin, just let that dastardly and wild @todd_conaway know. He’ll fill ya in on all the secrets and stuff.

If ya ain’t ready to ride with a wild bunch, you best be watching out fer us on the range. We’ll be the outlaw gang doing all the outlawed stuff.




Author: Todd Conaway

a guy who wonders about schooling

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