A Tour of the Hills

map of the hills.png

So, you think you might wanna visit the Hills, eh? Just so you know, we don’t take too kindly to strangers up here. They most likely bring all sorts of trouble that many of us have been avoiding. That’s why we’re here in the Hills in the first place.

Still, if you get an invitation from us, it might help ya to know a bit about the surroundings. Get yer footing, so to speak. But listen: this here map is for you and your eyes only. Don’t be sharing with the Sheriff and folks like that. We’ve got mystery and unknown on our side, and darn if a map laying out every darn thing wouldn’t just ruin the intrigue of the Hills.


Remember to let us know yer coming when you come, or you might find your hat being shot off your head as a gunpowder warning. It’s OK to bring a friend, if you need, too, as long as she is one of Us.

Charlene of the Hills

See ya soon.

Charlene of the Hills