Wild Toady

Wild Toady
( aka Toady the Terrible, Toady Smith, Toady the Toad, Dammit Toady )

Howdy pardner, my name is Toady Conaway.

wildtoadyMy sister is the one who named me Toady. When we were little my friends heard her call me that they laughed and laughed. I tried to beat the crap out of them, but ended up bloody and beaten. They had knocked my glasses off and as I hear it, when I was cryin and swingin and screamin trying to find them and kick some butt, I looked like a wild animal. They ain’t never forgot that and to this day most folks call me Wild Toady.

My sister was married to a man named Billy Burgeron and they moved off to Texas some years ago. Last I heard they was doin well near a town with lots of cows. So many as I hear it, they named the town “Bovine.” Anyway, I don’t hear much from her.

I have had lots of adventures to tell tall tales about. I once knew the famous Hatchet Jack. I traded an old rifle to him once for some hides. It was this big ol’ bear rifle that hardly ever fired when the trigger was pulled. He never checked as far as I know and I ain’t heard anything about him in many years.

I look pretty young, but don’t let that fool ya. I am one wild fella. That’s why they call me Wild Toady.

I am lookin forward to ridin with this gang of outlaws and doin some outlaw stuff. I’m good at that kinda stuff cuz I am Wild Toady.